Apple And Samsung Settle Patent Fight Over Copying The iPhone Design


phone-before-after-iPhoneAfter seven long years of Apple legal battle over Samsung copying the iPhone design, today, Samsung and Apple have agreed to resolve the dispute concerning Samsung’s infringement of some Apple patents, which saw the two companies return to the classrooms in May law courts.

In fact, the two companies had recently returned to fight again, but today it seems that the issue has finally reached the long-awaited final epilogue. In the recent sentence issued by the court the Korean company was ordered to pay Apple a sum of $540 million, a figure certainly higher than the $399 million established a few years ago by the supreme court but certainly less burdensome than the sentence issued in 2012 which set a fine of over $1 billion for Samsung.

The details of the agreement between the two high-tech giants, divided into court but often close to the supply of some components of the iPhone, have not yet been disclosed. It is now expected to understand only the actual amount that Samsung will have to pay in Apple’s coffers, realizing that they have actually copied the design of some of the Apple products.

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