Apple and Samsung in multiple countries in a fight over patents. In the U.S. However, there seems to be momentum in the case. District Judge Lucy Koh has representatives from Apple and Samsung designated under the leadership of a conflict mediator to settle  the patent war . Both rivals have agreed to the proposal of the court and will play their CEOs and  U.S. Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero. 

For Apple, it means that Tim Cook will join the talks, while Samsung Choi Gee-sung moving forward. 
Both companies must meet within 90 days to discuss the possibility of a settlement talk. Mocth not succeed, they need a shortened version of their claims submission and defense.

In the U.S. started the quarrel between the "slavishly copying the iPhone," where Samsung is guilty would make. Samsung then submitted a complaint against Apple, the iPhone maker in which they accused of violating 10 patents. Then rolled the two companies in several countries fighting on the street, where they tried to sell each others products to bother. There is a chance that the final agreement does not result in a settlement where both companies had been able to find.


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