Apple and Samsung Want Waterproof Handsets


Will the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII be water-proof? It simply may occur – Waterproofing consultants HzO have introduced that along with a bumper crop of foot site visitors to their CES sales space, they’re additionally in negotiations with each Apple and Samsung about incorporating their waterproofing nanotechnology of their subsequent giant telephones.



While waterproof phones have been released before, they’re often either dedicated resist-everything handsets designed for unusually active smartphone owners or custom conversion jobs for existing smartphones. One place that bucks the trend is Japan, where cell phones are traditionally ahead of the curve – already, some mainstream phones come with waterproofing, like the Fujitsu Arrows series of phones and tablets.


If either Samsung or Apple pick up the technology for their flagship phones, waterproofing would likely become much more mainstream here too – the latest must-have feature for phones on the top, just as dual core CPUs and HD displays have become this year. Although the treatment is costly, consumers have shown a continuing eagerness to pay for top-end features, particularly unique ones – just look at Siri and the iPhone 4S.

I’d certainly welcome the feature to mainstream handsets. As an inhabit of the rather rainy United Kingdom, I’d definitely pay a premium for the ability to use my phone in the drizzle. These waterproof phones can’t come soon enough, and I’m sure many more will agree.

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