Apple: Andy Rubin was employed by Android Apple inspiration


"Andy Rubin used to be concerned with 2003 with its first plans for Android . He could never be inspired by the iPhone. "It is an argument that you sometimes hear in the patent battle currently going on between Apple and the various providers of Android phones. But Apple has a remarkable asset to the fore in the patent case between Apple and HTC they are currently running at the International Trade Commission. They imply that his views on Android Andy Rubin has gleaned met when he worked at Apple.


Rubin worked at Apple from 1989 to 1992, as an engineer at a low level in the hiararchie. Then he left General Magic then Danger to set up a company that developed the Sidekick messaging phone.Subsequently, from 2003 he started working with Android, which Google bought in 2005. Rubin was head of development department and the entire Android platform. According to Apple, HTC in the case an important detail under the carpet coated: the fact that Rubin was working with the inventors of a patent where it ends up in this case is about. "Android and Mr. Rubin's relevant background does not start, like the HTC committee wants to believe, with his work at General Magic and Danger in the mid-nineties," writes Apple to court documents. "Mr. Rubin began his career at App
le in the early nineties and worked as a low-level engineer, with the specific reported to the inventors of the 
6,343,263 patent , precisely the moment that their invention was created and developed. "Rubin could then patent the ideas are incorporated into the foundation of Android.

Meanwhile there are more things to play around the originality of android. Not only ideas were adopted, as Apple claims. 


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