Apple surprised yesterday us all with the new HomePod speaker. This new gadget rivals the s Google Home and Amazon Eco. In this article we tell you all the news that brings this new member of the Apple family.

This speaker has been introduced revolutionizing music as we know it now in our home environment. The presentation video has been impressive and All the rumors have been  confirmed so far.

It is a smart speaker that will focus on sound quality. Using the Apple A8 chip – the same one that governs the iPhone 6-, the speaker will be able to isolate or boost certain frequencies taking into account details such as the geometry of the room or the proximity of the walls. You can use two simultaneous units for stereo sound. Inside, Siri will be able to answer specific music questions . Siri will not only offer suggestions or music answers. It will also be a personal assistant capable of controlling items connected in the home, such as lights, temperature or any device compatible with HomeKit, the company’s home automation standard.


 The colors in which it is available is in white or black, although the design is not as paper-based as we thought, having a very homogeneous structure. The cylindrical speaker will make the sound go in all directions of the room.

 This will connect to your Apple Music with 40 million songs, so you will have all your music there.It incorporates a microphone with which you will be able to interact with the one using Siri, very similar to that presented by Google and Amazon. It will give you information on many things like time, traffic, etc … It will be your personalized sneak in your daily life from the time you get up until you lie down. In addition, it will interact with the accessories of your HomeKit so that your entire house is controlled by your voice.

The price of this HomePod will be $349 and will be available in December in USA, UK and Australia.

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