Apple Announced iPad mini 3 : Features, Price, Release Date



As expected after the “mysterious” leak prior to the keynote, the iPad mini 3 is finally here. The new Apple mini tablet is one of the great product expected since last June. Indeed the iPad 3 mini 3 this time is featuring the Retina Display and Touch ID plus 2GB of RAM storage.

Screen-Shot-2014-10-17-at-12.21.10-amThe new little gem of Apple s eemed to have disappeared from radar rumors until recently where we saw the expected “iPad mini 2 Retina” became reality in the iPad Mini 3, a renewal necessary after the dangerous approach of the iPhone 6 plus the phablets size. With this facelift, mini iPad 3 follows a natural progression delivering the power you expect from Apple devices but in a size somewhere between the phablet and tablets.

Screen-Shot-2014-10-17-at-12.21.03-amAs mentioned, the main novelty of this mini iPad 3 is simply the addition of Touch ID, the main protagonist in the security of mobile devices from Apple and which I spoke some time ago. The retina display was also of whispers between lovers iPad since the emergence of the iPad mini 2. The appearance of Touch ID was the subject of many , over the years, many wondered why Apple did not chose to incorporate this component to the new model but the iPhone 5s.

Now with the fingerprint sensor integrated, the prices are as follows:

iPad mini 3 – 16GB Wi-Fi: $399
iPad mini 3 – 64GB Wi-Fi: $499
iPad mini 3 – 128GB Wi-Fi: $599
iPad mini 3 – 16GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $529
iPad mini 3 – 64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $629
iPad mini 3 – 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $729

Screen-Shot-2014-10-17-at-12.22.07-amThe focus of the Cupertino company for a tablet under 8 or 9 inches is an example that other companies such as Microsoft is starting to arise. To the disappointment of the skeptics, the iPad mini has always been a favorite of the public and many were the voices who wanted an upgrade of this device. With the iPad Mini 3 this update is served, so we can continue to enjoy the range of mini tablets at least another generation, though nothing ruled that continue to enjoy for much longer.

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