Apple announced the iPad fourth generation


iPad fourth gen

At a conference press today in San Jose, the fourth generation iPad was unveiled by the senior vice president of Apple Marketing Philip Schiller. The new model features Retina display is based on high-performance processor with A6X silicon with quad-core graphics and the lightning connector cable that was introduced with the iPhone 5.
Graphics performance devices has doubled, but the battery life remains the same – it is 10 hours. Externally, the new iPad is no different from its predecessor, but it involves a cell module, which features compatibility with a broader range of networks, LTE, than the current version.

The new iPad has a connector Lightning is already used in the iPhone 5 and iPods iPod touch. Another feature of the device is a faster Wi-Fi.
Apple offers iPad 4 for the same price as the previous modifications to the display Retina. Junior model tablet with$499 for a 16 GB model, $629 for a 16 GB model with 4G LTE. If you are thinking about buying the fourth-gen iPad, you might be eligible to exchange to the brand new adaptation

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