Apple announced watchOS 5: Realease Date And Features


watchos-5-competitionApple introduced the new watchOS 5 for Apple Watch enhanced with new features to be more connected and increasingly active.

With physical activity, watchOS 5 challenges meet with friends based on 7 days of activity. It will be possible to challenge a friend to see who will be able to fill all the training sessions or complete the proposed challenges. Users may also have additional information such as the average pace per lap or set up custom alerts when the pace drops below a certain level.

Apple-watchOS_5-CompetitionsThe Apple Watch will then be able to automatically detect the start of a workout and will then trigger monitoring in the Training app. However this function will only support some workouts, at least initially.

Apple-watchOS_5-Walkie-TalkieApple Watch with watchOS 5 will receive the new Walkie-Talkie application that does exactly what the name promises: it will be possible to exchange voice messages on the fly with other users without completely interrupting the communication flow .

Then, comes the Siri Shortcuts function to allow users to link certain key words (or rather, key phrases) to certain actions to make the clock.

Another interesting little news is the integration of third-party apps and their widgets within the dial dedicated to Siri. Also to activate Siri you will no longer need the command “Hey Siri” but just lift the clock and start talking to the assistant.

Another gem of watchOS 5 is the ability to create smart notifications for all applications: essentially this will prevent developers to create specific apps to get “active” notifications on the clock, but you can do it anyway by taking advantage of quick responses or anyway the default options also offered on iOS. Certain content that refers to web pages may also be uploaded to Apple Watch – even without a specific browser. Everything will be done by choosing the “Reader” interface to simplify things by displaying larger characters.

In addition, Podcast application is now available on Apple Watch, which will now allow you to consult the podcasts we are subscribed to and listen to them directly from the watch, without having to contact the iPhone. Beyond this comes the ability to play audio content in certain applications.

Apple has also released a new Pride-themed watch face, which Apple Watch users can download from the watch gallery in the Apple Watch app. The Pride Edition braided nylon strap has been updated with a new rainbow stripe; for each sale a donation will be made to the following organizations that defend the rights of the LGBTQ community: Gender Spectrum, GLSEN, ILGA, PFLAG, The National Center for Transgender Equality and The Trevor Project. Apple has also introduced new colors for summer straps: sea green, peach and sky blue.

watchOS 5 will be available in the Fall with the developer beta that will be available today. The update will support all the Apple Watch already available and of course the future models.

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