Apple announcement relating to money stability


Apple the day past introduced it will grasp a convention early nowadays. The corporate will use this adventure to unveil its plans relating to the fortune of $ a hundred billion raised in contemporary years. The announcement will happen at 6:00 am Pacific Time and 9:00 am Japanese Time. Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer will discuss the matter.




“Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO and Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s CFO, will host a conference call to announce the outcome of the Company’s discussions concerning its cash balance. Apple will not be providing an update on the current quarter nor will any topics be discussed other than cash.”

The conference call is specifically aimed at the haunt of Apple's decision what to do with the cash reserves to be done. There will not be discussed quarterly figures or results in the current quarter. And product news, we do not at all expected. Anyone can Apple's QuickTime website to listen to the conference call, which is usually of poor audio quality.

Tim Cook has previously been twice publicly hints that there was given to the cash reserves, but said also in the money in Apple's pockets burn. The company was therefore in no hurry to have something to do. One possibility is that Apple distributes dividends to shareholders.


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