Apple announces new $250- $500 discounts off Macs and iPads for employees


As in the past introduced, remaining evening used to be the City Corridor Assembly in Cupertino for all Apple workers held. At this adventure, the Apple CEO Tim Cook dinner has for the great work and thanked the group of workers suggested excellent monetary outcomes remaining quarter. As well as, the Apple staff draw as a thanks sooner or later to a bigger cut price on the acquisition of Macs or iPads.


The rebate program will start next June and can be claimed if you work at least 90 days for Apple. Also, this discount only once every three years are used. In the future, employees could benefit from a discount of $500 for Macs – except the Mac mini – will benefit from the iPad can be dusted off a discount of around 250 U.S. dollars. Compared to the previous discount of 25 percent for Mac products, the saved $500 worth definitely for smaller Macs.


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