apple q 2019

Apple has announced the quarterly results for Q4 2019, which means the revenue generated with iPhones, iPads, Macs, and more.

These are the most important figures goes as follows:

  • Quarterly revenue: $ 64 billion  
  • Product sales: $ 51.5 billion 
  • Revenue from services: $ 12.5 billion  
  • Sales from iPhones: $ 33.4 billion 
  • Sales from Macs: $ 7.0 billion 
  • Sales from iPads: $ 4.7 billion 
  • Turnover from wearables, home, and accessories: $6.5 billion 

Tim Cook indicated that the iPhone 11 made a “very, very good start” thanks to a lower entry price.

The figures show that Apple earns less money from hardware, but more from services, now with19.5%. That was 16.8% in the same quarter last year.

Fewer sales were also made with iPhones and Macs, but more with iPads and wearables, home and accessories. Apple also has more sales from North and South America, but in most other regions it has declined somewhat.

 Although hints are regularly given about new products, we do not expect that any groundbreaking announcements to be made. 

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