iMac-iMac-ProAfter a long wait, the new operating system for our Macs is already with us. The new macOS High Sierra has just been presented at the WWDC with important news that we will know next.

This iMac Pro is not as we know, space gray aluminum iMac, accompanied by the typical accessories, Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard, which will also have a darker tint usual. However, the first eye-catching touch is that this iMac with a 5K display, 128GB of ECC memory and the 8 Core Xeon processor expandable to 18 Cores, coupled with no less than 4TB of SSD storage, will cost no less than $4,999, Nothing expensive if we consider the power.


But that’s not all, this new iMac Pro will be supported by ATI integrating its Radeon Vega Graphics, offering up to 22 power Teraflops. We are certainly before one of the most powerful Mac Pro (although this range is already dead), and is that Apple has grown tired of hearing that their devices are expensive and have little power, have increased the gross power of all Computers, and what is better, most prices have dropped. Little by little we will know more about the iMac Pro, this brown beast that will be available from next winter.

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