Apple Watch 6 blue

Apple officially presented the new Apple Watch Series 6, aesthetically similar to the previous model, but full of new features ranging from colors to hardware.

With Apple Watch Series 6, users will be able to measure blood oxygen directly from the wrist, thanks to advanced algorithms that measure the color of the wearer’s blood for monitoring. A manual measurement can be made in 15 seconds, and the system also provides periodic readings in the background, even while the user is sleeping.

Oxygen saturation, or SpO2, represents the percentage of oxygen transported through the red blood cells from the lungs to the rest of the body and indicates how well this oxygenated blood is spread throughout the body. Blood oxygen levels between 95% and 100% are considered normal, while levels below 80% can compromise heart and brain function. The device will alert the user in case of anomalies.

The new O₂ Levels sensor uses four sets of red, green, and infrared LEDs, in addition to the four photodiodes located on the Apple Watch’s rear crystal, to measure the light reflected by blood. Apple Watch, therefore, uses an advanced algorithm developed ad hoc integrated into the Levels O₂ app, designed to measure a percentage from 70% to 100% of oxygen in the blood. The user, when stationary, can carry out the measurement when he wishes, and in the periods in which he is inactive (for example during sleep), while periodic measurements are performed in the background. All data will be visible in the Health app, and the user can keep track of everything to see how his blood oxygen level changes.

For the first time, the new blue color is added to silver, space gray, and gold-colored aluminum as an option for the watch case, along with an Apple Watch (PRODUCT) RED with bright red pendant straps. Stainless steel models are now available in graphite, a gray/black version with a glossy finish, and a new version of the classic yellow gold color. Apple Watch Edition is available in natural finish titanium and space black. Apple Watch Hermès is available with silver or space black stainless steel cases, paired with Simple or Double Tour bands in an assortment of vibrant new colors.

The Apple Watch Series 6 includes a new S6 chip, with a dual-core processor based on Apple’s A13 chip, which is 20% faster than the previous model. Apple says the battery always lasts 18 hours, like the previous model.

Also available new Watch Faces with Memoji and other themes:
Also, the new smartwatch has an always-on external display 2.5 times brighter than the Series 5. When the user holds their wrist down, they can now access the Notification Center and Control Center, tap on complications and change watch faces without having to reactivate the display. The device also includes an always-on altimeter, which provides real-time altitude throughout the day. This function allows you to detect even small changes in elevation above ground level, with minimal upward and downward variations and can be shown as a new dial complication or training metric.

watchOS 7 will also offer sleep monitoring and will soon provide alerts to users in case of low VO2 Max levels (maximum oxygen consumption).

Apple Watch Series 6 will be available for order today and will be available on Friday, September 18. Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS) starts at € 439 and Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS + Cellular) from € 539. The power supply will not be included in the package.

The new Solo Loop, Braided Solo Loop, and Leather Link straps also arrive. The first two straps renounce the buckle closure, essentially conforming as a single body very elegant to the eye.

Apple also announced Family Setup for Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, which allows parents and guardians to pair multiple Apple Watch models with a single iPhone. Currently, each Apple Watch can only be paired with one iPhone, but Family Setup will allow users to pair smartwatches for children or older people living in the family who may not have their own iPhone.

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