Apple is just holding the “Hello Again” event in his company center and not only has to say something about new Macs. Big topic is also Apple TV, but the presented innovations are for the most part only interesting for the US. But first a few numbers. 8000 apps are now available for Apple TV, there are 2000 games, 1600 apps that offer video content. According to Apple, the future of television is clearly in the apps. And here, of course, Apple would like to have a word. With content of the competition for example. So the popular game Minecraft from Microsoft. This will be released this year for Apple TV and also offer multiplayer.

The TV app from Apple also shows new series and films, which could correspond to the taste of the user. Similar to Apple Music, there is an editorial team that compiles tips.


In addition, the app provides an overview of purchased iTunes content, favorites, and provides an app-spanning selection of new content. If apps are missing to display certain content, they are post-installed. Depending on the provider, the user can also complete a subscription.

The app, which was introduced today, also works on the iOS devices and works with Siri. The voice assistant can now also select live TV broadcasts and selects the appropriate app, if the user wants to see an aerial viewer. Live TV can be controlled as well, here again – only interesting for the US. So you can jump directly to CBS News and get information. Siri also chooses the right app, you just have to call the show you want to see.

Overall very nice to look at, but as mentioned just once not with us, which is a bit sad. Because it looks good. TV app is schedule to start in December. When it is available in Germany, Apple announced so far not.

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