As expected, Apple made available the ResearchKit  framework to medical research and app developers today. After the first selected apps can use the framework for their own purposes so now more interested researchers.

How Apple writes in the press release, more than 60,000 iPhone users use the presented during the “Spring Forward” event apps that are helping in the research of asthma, breast cancer, diabetes and Parkinson’s.


Apple had said in March that they would make the framework available as an open source project. Interested developers can find the documentation and a blog from now on GitHub.

With the help of ResearchKit developers can use, among other things, the sensors of the iPhone in order to obtain a deeper insight into the disease.

Currently, the previously introduced ResearchKit apps only in the US App Store are available. In the coming months, however, wants to extend this to other countries. ResearchKit supports the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the latest iPod touch.

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