Apple App Store Answer to Amazon


Apple has answered to Amazon within the fight between them on the usage of the time period "App Retailer." Apple has filed as a trademark, however Amazon, preceded through Microsoft, HTC, Sony Ericsson and Nokia have challenged this award given that This time period was once accepted.  


Faced with Amazon, Apple gave its position in a document submitted to a court in California " [Apple] denies that, on the basis of their common meaning, the combination of the words 'app store' is a store for applications. The term is not commonly used by businesses to describe and download services, since the brand 'app store' is not generic, the Appstore for Android Amazon is not an 'app store '. "

Therefore, from the perspective of Apple, app store 'is a trademark and Amazon can not rely on its free use, Apple claiming exclusive rights. To be continued …via Bloomberg ]

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