Apple asks judge for App Store monopoly case to be dimissed


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Apple has asked a court a lawsuit against in the company file in 2011, claiming that Apple has a monopoly on selling app to be terminated. 

 According to Apple’s lawyers, there is nothing illegal about making a closed system with apps to sell. The plaintiffs believe that Apple has a monopoly created by it is not possible to make apps outside the App Store for iOS to offer.

The case was filed by seven consumers using the App Store. According to the lawyer of the consumer, there is a monopoly if you have the iPhone version of Angry Birds is not outside the App Store can buy. Buyers will not have the option to switch to a cheaper store.

Apple emphasizes that the prices for apps not decide, but that these developers are free to choose. It is not yet clear when the court will pronounce judgment on the case.

Moreover, say the complainants, Apple claims 30 percent of sales, and if a customer does not agree with the price, there is no other provider.

Apple determines the prices of applications and are not asking for a percentage of the yield of a product is not in violation of the law,” said Dan Wall, a lawyer from Apple. He asked the court to remove the case, according to Bloomberg .

Can a client go in different places to purchase Offended Birds for the iPhone?” Requested Alexander Schmidt, attorney of the seven customers. If the reply isn’t any, then Apple is a monopolist.”

When the decide in Oakland will rule within the case is unknown. Apple is identical court docket additionally rightly since the alleged monopoly place in the marketplace for downloading track.

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