Apple approves first FlexBright “f.lux” application-like for iOS




When Apple introduced and launched the first beta of iOS 9.3, published on a website dedicated to all the news that come with the next major release (with permission of IOS 10) iOS. Among the most important news is Night Shift, a system based on f.lux system that changes the temperature of the screen to, in short, help us sleep better. But the Night Shift would not be available in 32-bit devices. Like many other applications, FlexBright has already been approved and promises to do the same as f.lux.

Not sure what is the reason this application was approved by Apple. If we look back from iOS 9, it is possible to install applications on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad “overturning” with Xcode. f.lux was one of those applications that put their code available to anyone who wanted to use it in this way, but Apple revoked the certificate, probably because they planned to launch nigtht Shift. When f.lux developers heard about the new feature of iOS 9.3, they wrote a statement asking them to allow them to upload applications that could take advantage and have now admitted FlexBright.

However, FlexBright does not work as Night Shift, which is also understandable knowing how Apple. The iOS 9.3 feature like f.lux through jailbreak, automatically changes the temperature of the screen when it’s getting dark, for which takes into account the time at which the sun sets in the area in the we are. Meanwhile, FlexBright send us a notification when the time comes and from it we can use night mode or not.

Although Apple has decided to limit the presence of similar apps to f.lux, now on the App Store appeared a new application that does pretty much the same things. Let’s talk about FlexBright, an application that adjusts the brightness and color temperature of the display of the iPhone and iPad based on time and the times of day so less straining the eyes and give users greater prosperity.

Apple has decided not to approve f.lux in the App Store, although it has taken to heart this technology; technology that will be integrated in iOS 9.3, and will be called Night Shift. At the time the application is present on the App Store and has not been removed or blocked, but in the future it is said that will remain available. Interesting the “Eye Strain Monitor” capable of monitoring the level of user eyestrain.

FlexBright has already spent time in the App Store, but it was not until version 2.0 that have included new more similar to the aforementioned systems. The application, if you are interested, offers many interesting and useful features in order to reduce the visual stress and is in the App Store for $2.99. You can download the app from here.

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