The Federal Trade Commission United States (FTC) considers Apple’s request about investigating  Google’s policy for in-app purchases on Android platform. Commission drew attention to the fact that games and applications in Google Play store allow to make micro-transactions without entering a password.

In a statement, the regulator top manager presented a report on the protection of consumers’ rights, saying that Google Play forces children to “spend money”, after the parents will enter the password.

“I think this article might be of some interest, especially if you have not seen it,” – said Sewell.

Dissemination of ” decoy programs decoy” also know as free children’s applications, enabling to make in-app purchases, led to a lot of lawsuits. Especially powerful wave of indignation became parents after the game, Tap Fish, in which players are offered to care for fish aquarium. To support the livelihoods of virtual pets, players had to spend real money.

Apple drew attention to the policy of his rival after it was itself ordered to pay a fine of $32.5 million for purchases in iTunes, made ​​by children without parental consent.

Google is already facing a collective lawsuit filed headed by a mother whose 5-year-old child spent $65 playing the Marvel game Run Jump Smash on Samsung Galaxy. Nevertheless, the Internet search engine has recently asked the court to dismiss the case for technical reasons.

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