During the course of this year, Apple will offer its own TV streaming service, these are the last messages. Now there are new details about the negotiations with broadcasters.

Re/code announced that Apple requires broadcasters not only that they should offer their broadcasts. The transmitter shall be responsible for the streams that reach the audience.

However, this bein consider not only the responsibility of the streams, but also a guarantee of payment for the streams. This is not surprising, since the already available offers from Fox, CBS and Disney to Apple TV from the transmitters in cooperation with the content delivery networks, such as EdgeCast be operated. According to the streaming service Net2TV the cost is about five US cents per hour per stream.

Re/code further reports that the heads of the stations were, however, surprised to even have to pay for the transfer of their own content. The best deals available via Apple TV, to date no cause high costs. Otherwise it would look on the other hand made in a TV streaming service, which is heavily advertised by Apple.

Say the sources of Re / code that Apple was of the opinion that one should focus on developing the hardware and software. They want others were left to specialized companies such as providing the infrastructure necessary for the streams. Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and services, negotiates for the company from Cupertino to the transmitters.

An alternative theory is that Apple hopes to be discriminated by US Internet providers such as Comcast or Verizon when the actual streams are operated by the broadcasters themselves. So Netflix had to sign contracts in order to guarantee the transmission of the streams customers about the Internet providers.

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