Apple Awarded $539 Million From Samsung iPhone Infringement Case


samsung-appleThe jury pronounced itself in the last chapter of the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung for the violation of some design patents belonging to the first iPhone. Samsung will have to pay $539 million, according to Bloomberg.

Recall that Already in 2012 it was decreed that Samsung had copied the design of the iPhone, with a fine of $1.05 billion, however the company had appealed, obtaining a reduction of the fine to $339 million. At the next appeal, the American judiciary had replied with a postponement of the trial to the supreme court that had canceled the fine and postponed the trial to the original court that today, finally, concluded the affair by setting the new figure of $533 million.

The design concerns three patents, namely rounded corners, the edge around the screen and a grid with icons on the home screen. In addition, two patents focused on functionality were discussed, namely the ‘bounce back effect’ and ‘tap to zoom’. The Cupertino company, however, had asked for $1 billion in damages, while Samsung’s lawyers were willing to pay only $28 million.

After the ruling, an Apple representative said:

“It is a fact that Samsung has brazenly copied our design: we are grateful to the jury for their service and we are pleased that they agree that Samsung has to pay for have copied our products “.

Samsung also issued a statement on the verdict:

“Today’s decision does not comply with a unanimous Supreme Court ruling in favor of Samsung on the extent of damages for design patents. We will consider all the alternative options to obtain a result that does not hinder creativity “.

It remains uncertain on whether the case is over is not. Samsung lawyer John Quinn told the judge that he has some problems with the results and that they still have to be discussed after the trial. In this new case, the burden of proof was on Apple, which had to convince the jury that Samsung had not only copied separate components, but the total product.


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