On 22 September, as long as a new device is released, iFixit opened the 4th-gen Apple TV  to see what was inside and we know its index of repairability. They found no surprises, only confirming what we already knew. What has not been a surprise Apple banned iFixit developers and application removed from the App Store.

The reason we have taken these measures is that they have violated the terms and conditions of shipping kit for developers of fourth-generation Apple TV. It was assumed that this kit sent to some developers, with preference to those who have applications in the App Store, to test their applications on the set-top box that will go on sale this month, not for him dismount and also publish everything you have inside.

With respect to the application, iFixit stated that have been deleted but on the other hand, tells us who have been working for some time on the mobile version of its website, so any user (either iOS or other platform) you can access from your smartphone to the web and have the same thing in the application. In the short term, they do not plan to back up the application because its resources in this area are limited.

In my opinion, although Apple is very strict in almost any situation, in this case I understand that any action taken against iFixit. The conditions were clear and have ignored them. That’s the only reason. When a device is not subject to these terms and conditions, iFixit can do what I want and nothing happens, and as we show the latest iPhone teardown 6s where they have found the reason why the new iPhone endure well the water . As they say, they and their DNA could now pay the consequences.

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