Apple today rival Microsoft of the throne as the most expensive ever listed company. The fair value of U.S. technology group rose today on Wall Street to $623 billion. The old record of Microsoft is $620 billion, and dates from 1999, the time of the Internet bubble.

Apple mainly due to optimism among investors who came after rumors of an early launch of the iPhone 5 and a smaller version of the iPad. Fair Analysts also speculate about alleged plans by Apple to own televisions

The share price rose last week Apple already considerably, according to analysts due to persistent rumors about the iPhone 5 and the advent of a compact iPad. Monday prices rose again to over $ 660 per share, the total
market value of the technology to more than $620 billion.

With a market capitalization of more than $620 billion breaks Apple from December 30, 1999 contemporaneous record of Microsoft. The fair value of the software giant then peaked at $ 618.9 billion. If, however, the inflation of recent years is included, the market capitalization of Microsoft in 1999 amount to approximately $840 billion, well above the current value of Apple, stated MacRumors.

“Microsoft’s market capitalization peaked on December 30, 1999, reaching an intraday high of $119.94 per share. With Microsoft having documented 5,160,024,593 outstanding shares as of October 31, 1999 in its quarterly earnings report, the company would have had a market capitalization of $618.89 billion on December 30.”

Apple has been growing in recent years, largely due to the iPhone, iPod and iPad. In 2004 the company had a market value of approximately $10 billion.


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