Apple Beats Samsung as iPhone tops US Mobile Activations Chart for Q1 2019


The iPhone is the most popular smartphone purchased in the United States, according to data produced by CIRP, suggesting that Apple may see an improvement in sales in its upcoming financial results.

Apple’s main competitor in the smartphone market is Samsung, with the two regularly exchanging smartphone sales records. Data from smartphone activators for consumer registration of CIRP in the quarter ended in March suggest that this time it will be Apple to surpass Samsung.

In the data, Apple had the highest share of all smartphone brands in terms of activations, occupying 36% of the market. Samsung, the direct competitor, made up 34% of device activations, while LG and Motorola had 11% and 10% of the shares respectively.

Apple market share has been increasing since 2018, but it is still far behind the first quarters of 2017 and 2016 when Apple dominated the market with 40%.

CIRP data refers to the percentage of market share per activation, so it is not a direct indicator of how many iPhones actually sold Apple. The strong increase in percentage from 2018, however, suggests that Apple could see good financial results on April 30, although, as Apple is a global company, it may not necessarily indicate success in other sectors.

In the latest financial results, while the main news was that China had a negative impact on revenues, the conference call for analysts revealed revenue in the US up 5% year-on-year, in contrast to the European, Japanese, and Chinese sales.

In the battle between iOS and Android, CIRP data calculated that Android represents 64% of all device activations in the United States for the quarter, compared to iOS with 34%.

(via: AppleInsider)

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