Apple beats Samsung as largest smartphone maker in the world


Samsung made just a few weeks in the past an introduced that it had shipped 35 million smartphones within the fourth quarter of 2011. Samsung used to be simply the "biggest smartphone maker on the planet" however that title, they misplaced once more lately Apple introduced quarterly revenue. The 37 million iPhones, gross sales of $ forty six.33 billion and revenue of thirteen billion for its personal Apple extra special ideas. 


There is only a phone manufacturer that comes close and that is the computer and telecommunications business of the South Korean Samsung. The low prices of the phones, the numbers are slightly lower. The 35 million smartphones from Samsung contributed to a quarterly profit of "only" 4.5 billion. What exactly are the relationships, it is difficult to ascertain.

Samsung makes the exact sales of smartphones themselves are not known , but let the estimate by research firm Strategy Analytics. Then the figures are also used by Samsung in promotional campaigns. The figures is unclear whether these devices have been shipped to retailers, or devices that actually came into the hands of consumers. 

 At Apple that information easier to find out: there is a detailed PDF document with all the figures, showing that it is sold devices to end customers. Apple has also a lot easier: the number of device variations on a handful, while Samsung has to do with hundreds of devices that are often variations in operator customized versions are sold. Maybe Samsung exact figures do not agree. Apple's own Apple Stores and contracts with operators a relatively comprehensive sales chain.





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