About a month away before Apple Watch hit the shelves, Apple started inviting developers to test their applications for the smart watch in Sunnyvale, California. The fact that the publication of “time” app in the App Store needed screenshots taken from a real device, and get to it within the next month and a half can only be referred to the city, where the so-called WatchKit Lab.

Apple opened in California in its campus in Sunnyvale lab to test applications on real smart watches. Developers can apply for registration and get access to Apple Watch for a single day within the territory of the laboratory, which will run from March 16 to April 30. This is a US company said in a letter sent to registered developers.

Of course, you can easily check the app in action using an emulator Apple Watch, built in Xcode, but the test on a real device is much more effective, and do not forget about the above-mentioned requirements regarding screenshots applications.

As for granted in WatchKit Lab capabilities, each developer can bring another person. Apple recommends that laboratories visited teams consisting of a programmer and designer. Seats are limited, so that the American company recommends wishing to hurry. Registration is done by clicking here. [via 9To5Mac]

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