Apple begins rejecting apps that access UDIDs


For the primary time, Apple has rejects apps which on the root try to get entry to the  UDID. The UDID is an identification quantity that every iOS software that receives and just like the IMEI quantity is exclusive. Builders have been six months in the past already knowledgeable to prevent the use of the UDID. Apple hopes the ban person privateness higher safe. 

Especially ad networks make extensive use of the Unique Device Identifier in order to monitor what the user is doing on his iOS device. 
This enables ads to offer custom.

"The UDID is essential for managing the conversion loop," said Jim Payne, who runs a real-time bidding platform for mobile ads called MoPub and was early at leading mobile advertising network AdMob before it sold to Google for $750 million. "All the performance dollars that are spent on mobile are going to impacted by this not being there."

On the basis of the UDID is not exactly to identify the person who is operating the machine. There can not be associated with names and addresses are made. But if multiple apps use the song, a profile can be created by a user. Especially for advertising purposes, this valuable information. Developers are now advised to unique identification numbers.

Although Apple using the UDID does not allow for third parties, it is not clear whether they continue to use it myself for its own ad network iAds. Other services such as Apple Game Center would continue using the identification number and this can be an advantage compared to similar services.


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