Apple Begins To Ship TheFirst Apple Watch Gold Edition



A month after the official launch of Apple Watch,  Apple has now shipped the first models of the Gold Edition collection to customers.


Among the purchasers is also Kyle Wiens of iFixit. He is to receive its 38-mm-Apple Watch with black SportBand this Saturday; he had ordered on 10 April.


Apple sen out a shipping notification to customers who pre-order the Apple Watch Gold Edition via email in order to make out with them a time for delivery. In the case of Kyle Wiens, however, also an appointment to pick up the Watcch. Originally he wanted to break down in typical iFixit-style, but now came to the conclusion that the task would be too costly.

applewatchshippedIn MacRumors forum, there are already first pictures of an arrived Edition clock. A little surprise: The graph to the setup process is golden. This was known already by the second hand: It is available on edition watches also in a golden hue.

The watch is also set in a small booklet that examines materials and manufacturing process. More images can be found in the MacRumors forum.

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