Apple blocks developers iOS 5 UDID


iOS 5 builders not have get entry to to the distinctive software identification, brief UDID on iOS units just like the iPhone and iPadApple describes this change in an updated version of the IOS documentation for developers is available, as discovered TechCrunch. Instead, developers a unique identifier for each specific application to create, as there is in the documentation.

Udid UDID, which stands for Unique Device Identifier is a string of numbers and letters for each IOS device is unique. On the UDID may include recognized for some device (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad ), it is. Research has shown that as many as 68 percent of the most popular iPhone applications sends the UDID unsecured, possibly a privacy risk.

It's there to read the updated documentation for IOS 5:

IOS deprecated in 5.0

An alphanumeric string unique to Each device based on hardware details Various Artists. (Read-only) (Deprecated in iOS 5.0. INSTEAD, create a unique identifier specific to your app.)

Apple expects that developers of any application to create a unique identifier, according to the last line of the above quote. The change is one that so far nobody has noticed, but which may have significant consequences. The UDID of the device is used eg for advertising or for game networks. The developers also use UDID's also to identify users and institutions, such as push notifications, to store that are always available. This data would also be reduced because of privacy ever be a specific person, but indirectly is also possible. Apple uses UDID's also to prevent anyone iOS betas at installing and developers use them to give people access to test versions of new applications.

It is not clear why Apple chose to allow developers access to UDID's to deny, but TechCrunch suspects that it is dealing with privacy issues or just to avoid that in the future will emerge. If the UDID can not use, because it means that ad networks in the future user behavior can not trace. It is then possible to check whether someone is the app is no longer used unless the user is expressly consent. The system then works as cookies, by removing an app disappears history of use as set AppleInsider.

Moreover with the introduction of free cloud service icloud possible to uniquely identify an application, take them to another device or reset if the product is reinstalled. Through icloud a developer than the appearance of an application or status between two devices synchronize with this unique code icloud available.

When it comes to privacy is Apple lately from both the European and American politics well under fire. Domestically called the VVD in April this year for using a stop of the iPhone within the government after it became clear that the appliance without the knowledge of the location of the user should register.

The VVD parliamentary questions asked earlier for what, storage, use and resale of location data by Apple. A similar debate also played in Germany and American representatives, Apple has already asked for clarification on the collection of location data. In July last year, Apple's explanation about the collection of location data and concluded that it is safe and that such information is not shared with others.

It is unclear whether Apple itself stop the UDID to uniquely identify iAds, Game Center and other services. If Apple does UDID could use for example iAds and other advertising companies do not, then there is a contradictory situation that may not lawful. Apple would do abuse its monopoly position to make IOS.


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