In keeping with information from muscle nerd Apple has the ability to blocked the Geve SIM unlock on iOS 5.0 beta 2. It is not surprised that Apple has waited until the final version of iOS 5 was available:“it’s surprising Apple closed Gevey interposer hole rather than waiting in b2 Until final (maybe under pressure They Were)” .

 The Gevey SIM interposer you could unlock the iPhone 4 forced by the baseband activated through the emergency call function. muscle nerd does not think Gevey during the beta period has trouble going to do to unlock the back to work. Incidentally iOS 5 beta 2 with the usual tools, or just jailbreak jailbreak, it emerged last night 



Also read our article on Gevey Ultra, a method that you not abuse 112.

The iPhone Dev Team now also investigating a software solution with a brute force attack may lead to a permanent unlock. 4 showing a foreign iPhone firmware to IOS 4.1 (with baseband 01.59.00) is currently even with ultrasn0w unlock. An iPhone 4 free through T-Mobile to unlock.



Note : To use this method, you unlock after each reboot and / or loss of your network reconnect 911. Since this number  in use as an emergency number so you disrupt a service that saved lives. Dialing the emergency number without necessity of a maximum penalty of three months. 4 to unlock your iPhone does not need in this sense.

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