Apple in 2011, offed Siri voice recognition system, but the decision to the manufacturer relied heavily on Nuance Communications technology. As it became known, the Corporation intends its own voice commands to upgrade Siri.

Apple is in the process of organizing a team of specialists responsible for developing the Siri voice assistant, said Wired. The plans for the company is  to modernization the voice speech technology that  will work best experts.

In July 2013, it was reported that Apple opened an office in Boston for research in the speech recognition and artificial intelligence field . To develop a personal assistant, Apple hired engineers with stronger VoiceSignal Technologies background. Among employees who switched to Apple lately, an expert in the field of speech systems Alex Acero, who worked 20 years at Microsoft, Gunnar Everman, developed Nuance speech technology  and Arnab Ghoshal, a scientist at Edinburgh University.

In April,  it was reported that the Cupertino planning to organize work in Siri offaynovom mode. To do this, Apple expects to use Novauris Technologies, known for its voice recognition Dragon. However, the iPhone maker declined to comment, but according to some reports, some time ago, Novauris Technologies was bought by Apple.

Observers suggest that the list of languages ​​supported by Apple voice technology will be extended in one of the firmware updates, most likely in iOS 8.1.

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