Apple buys C3 technologies, possible plans for 3D maps in iOS Maps


Apple has for the 1/3 time a card firm was once bought. This time the fortunate C3 Applied sciences, an organization that specialize in 3D-card expertise. Apple will permit for the use in-home developed iOS-card software that makes use of Google Maps. In 2009, the corporate Apple Location Base after which moved on closing yr's 3D mapmaker Poly9. 


It turned out that Apple is interested in 3D maps. This interest is confirmed by the current purchase, because C3 is also specialized in 3D maps. Apple bought the company, was long unclear. In August, C3 announced they had acquired and would stop their activities. There was speculation that Apple is behind the purchase was, but only now been confirmed. The Swedish company is still in Sweden but is officially part of the iOS subsidiary of Apple. Former CEO Mattias Åström, Kjell CFO Cedar Beach and product manager Emgard Ludvig has since be
en called the 'Sputnik' team.

C3 Technologies makes photo-realistic 3D maps using camera images, including small details like trees and traffic signs are very keen to see. They make use of (formerly secret) technology from the defense industry. The company is a spin-off of Saab AB and was established in 2007.The C3 will create applications that do not focus on the war industry, but on social and commercial applications.

With this latest addition to Apple's more to fend for themselves as a provider of card services, from Google. This may eventually Place Base Googlemaps replaced and the technologies required for the C3 and Poly9 wow effect bounce. Furthermore, Apple is still working on a traffic database, based on user data. Apple has already stated publicly that they are working to develop such a service road.

The following video gives you a 3D picture of the Hoover Dam, a popular tourist attraction for people who visit Las Vegas.


Another example is a 3D view of the city of Oslo:


 [Via 9to5 Mac]

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