Apple Card Doesn’t Support Exporting Data to Financial Apps


Goldman Sachs, Tim Cook’s financial partner in the Apple Card project, has already published the agreement with the client so there is no doubt about it. This agreement shows that it will not be a conventional credit card, as it comes with some conditions exclusive to Apple.

As expected, on an issue as important and serious as payment with a device, Apple will be very sharp and will not allow you to manipulate an iPhone with which we can pay, introducing applications that have not gone through the control of the company. It is the well-known Jailbreak, an unofficial, modified iOS, in which we can install applications of doubtful origin that for one reason or another are not in the Apple Store, therefore without control by the company, with the risk that this supposed.

Apple has officially started the release of what are the first cards for a small group of consumers who had released their interest in the product on the dedicated site.

Invited users who were among the very first to receive this new Apple card confirmed that it was necessary to register through the Wallet application.

The Apple Card will be available at the end of August, as confirmed by Tim Cook. The conditions of use that must be accepted to use Apple Card have come to light. They specify the prohibition of using Jailbreak with the iPhone associated with the payment card.

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