Apple made available to developers the framework of CareKit, health platform that allows developers to create advanced software to track, manage and report medical conditions. As already announced in March, CareKit is a tool that works similarly to ResearchKit way, but on a much smaller scale. ResearchKit is to study national and CareKit is designed to facilitate the safe collection of user data for personal or shared with health professionals use.

According to TechCrunch, there are currently four applications for iPhone users are available: Glow Nurture, tracking fertility; Glow Baby, application for motherhood; One Drop, for monitoring diabetes; and Start, for monitoring medication for depression. CareKit is open source and is available today on GitHub.


Developers using CareKit can integrate four main interactive modules to their applications:

  • The Care Card can be configured to manage the tasks of welfare and consumption of medication and exercise.
  • The Progres Card contains a tracking option measures to record symptoms and physical indicators such as levels of pain, hunger and heart rate, which could be integrated with the Apple Watch.
  • Data from the Care Card and Progress Card can view and compare the Inside Dashboard module.
  • The Connect module allows users to share their health data with physicians.

CareKit is also compatible with many health record systems such as Epic, facilitating securely share health information with many doctors and hospitals support.

Download Glow NurtureGlow Baby, One DropStart for iPhone from the App Store

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