Apple CEO Tim Cook announces that Macs will be exclusively produced in the USA



In an interview with NBC, Apple CEO Tim Cook know that the iMac will be produced exclusively next year in the United States .

It was the first publicly Cook interview since the death of the former CEO and friend Steve Jobs, who announced in August 2011 not to return as CEO of the company. Jobs died shortly thereafter on October 5, 2011, after a long battle with cancer.

According to Cook, who works at Apple since 1998, it is important that more manufacturing jobs to the United States go. He did not know where the Macs will be produced. “In recent years we have more than 600,000 U.S. jobs created.” These jobs range from sales staff in Apple Stores to the engineers responsible for Apple and do not forget the developers who create the apps. In addition, Apple also owns data centers in North Carolina, Nevada, Oregon and in the future in Texas.
The CEO of Apple believes that the problem of the U.S. lies in the training of people who have enough knowledge about modern production methods. Cook added that he hopes the new Mac project here a bit to can contribute to the production to America. “Consumer electronics is never made. It is therefore to start here, and not the back. ”

Cook also discusses the launch of Apple Maps in September of this year Google Maps in iOS 6 and replaced by users and the press was heavily criticized. “A few years ago we decided that we wanted to give customers features that were not present in Google Maps for iOS. The service did not meet the expectations of our customers, and the expectations of ourselves are even higher. However, I must admit that we have made a mess of. We do, however, present everything to the service as quickly as possible to improve “It is therefore probably not for nothing that Richard Williamson – Head of Development Apple Maps – the company had to leave.

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The query is what’s the way forward for Apple? Which merchandise are coming, probably Cook dinner has given us a little bit trace. “Once I go to my room and I put the tv on, it looks like I am again 20 to 30 years again in time go. It’s a neighborhood through which we have an interest. Extra I will be able to no longer say.

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