Apple CEO Tim Cook responds to emails


The brand new Apple CEO,&#one hundred sixty;Tim Cook dinner&#a hundred and sixty;, following the instance of his predecessor in responding to consumer emails for the logo.&#a hundred and sixty;Steve Jobs, former CEO, used to be on his aspect shocked the target market with the aid of responding to a few e-mails.&#one hundred sixty;Responses have been additionally very brief, that they had a couple of phrases or only one.&#one hundred sixty;So a success that each response from the involved websites overtly printed its response.&#one hundred sixty;


But when Steve Jobs left his position as CEO of the company, we did not know if the reports would be provided. It turns out that it is.

Tim Cook has taken the time to respond to Justin, it wished him luck and ends by declaring "War Damn Eagle" (this is the slogan of the football team at the University of Auburn). Cook thanked him and said "War Eagle forever! ". Small nod to the new CEO has been in this university.

Note:  If you feel like writing mails to Tim Cook, the address is:

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