iPhone return policy

iPhone return policyApple reduced  the return policy for the iPhone from 30 to 14 days. This is stated on the official website in the section ” Conditions of Sale and Return Policy “.

According to the updated document , the company not only halved maturity of iPhone, but also made ​​some changes in the law regarding service phones. Users may opt out of the purchased iPhone without giving any reason within 14 days from the date of purchase , but now returns not invalidate an agreement with mobile operator , if it has been signed.

In the United States , as we know, the main selling iPhone falls on the contractual model. Initially, the consumer pays a subsidized price, and then undertakes to use your smartphone in the next two years in accordance with the rates and conditions offered by the mobile operator .

Apple policy

Now, after buying iPhone person may, within two weeks to get their money back, but it will remain attached to the selected mobile operator . “Unlinked ” model also may be returned to the period.

Changes in the refund policy iPhone come into force on March 13. According to Apple, they will allow the company to create common rules for all offered products and buyers avoid confusion.

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