Apple has put Samsung aside for the development of the A7 processor, says the Korea Times , which thereby follows up previous rumors about Samsung sidelining . Apple turned to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)   to produce future A7 chips for future iOS devices. These are planned for the first half of 2014 and are therefore not yet integrated in current  in iPads and iPhones.

The news comes from a senior executive at one of Samsung’s local partner in Korea. Apple rumored confidential information about the A7 processor to  be made by TSMC, which then started working with the switching sub-suppliers.

They will provide the necessary equipment needed to bring the new Apple processors with 20-nanometer process to be built. Apple’ choice suggests that the company’s dependence on Samsung technology weaken. In the same way Apple chose to make the links with Google less strong to make the Google Apps YouTube and Google Maps which are no longer standard apps in iOS.

For Samsung, it means that they have to deal a decrease in chip production. Through the production of Exynos chips, amsung  performance (used in Galaxy S4) wants absorb the blow. Samsung has also links with Nvidia. Nvidia is in turn again at TSMC customer for the production of graphic chips.

All A-processors that Apple iOS devices have been fabricated by using a Samsung plant in the Texas city of Austin. Apple also has an office there. The A4 processor appeared in the second quarter of 2010 in the first generation iPad. The A5 was used in the  (Q2 2011) and the A6 regarded within the iPhone 5 (Q3 2012). In between got here between variations, such because the A5X within the 1/3 technology iPad. 

In TSMC A6 processor was once rumored already enabled within the trial manufacturing, however the last manufacturing went to Samsung. When A6X processor was once already pointed out that Apple Samsung would put apart. The A6X is discovered within the iPad four. Apple would additionally as soon as tried toTSMC to steer completely for Apple to supply.

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