An iPhone Nano within the course of? A rumor that has lengthy existed. On the other hand, the website online Bloomberg announced today that Apple would work on a model of his phone. It would be smaller and cheaper. The goal is simply to counter the market of smartphones running Android. Indeed, this market only grow and the prices for phones in the operating system direct competitor of IOS are often cheaper than the iPhone.


Bloomberg reports:

"Apple is currently working on new versions of the iPhone that are aimed at slowing the advance of smartphones based on Google's operating system, Android, according to people who have been briefed. "


"One version would be cheaper and smaller compared to the latest iPhone model to date, said a person who saw the prototype and who asked not to be identified because no announcement has been given publicly. "

Still according to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a process to facilitate connection to different operators. Which confirms that you have not announced it has been less than two hours  

Smaller, yes, but what size? We are told that this "iPhone nano" would be a third smaller than the iPhone 4. Component side, most of those used in the iPhone 4 would be used. Its price? $ 200, naked, without a contract with an operator.

The announcement of this model could very well be in the middle of 2011. If at all. It is even possible that everything is cleared. Time will tell.



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