Motorola just lately sued Apple for patent infringement. Now Motorola has Apple taken back by suing for infringement of six patents dealing with multitouch.Motorola phones like the droid, Cliq, backflip, Devour, Charm and variations according to Apple would infringe. All these devices run on Android.


It currently seems to be limited to devices that were released in the U.S.. The Motorola Milestone example, is not mentioned, while European unit almost identical to the American Motorola Droid. Apple has further patent cases are against Nokia and HTC.

Conversely, Nokia, Kodak, Motorola, and Elan filed patent complaints against Apple. Samsung remains cleared of charges only, probably because this company provides many components for smart phones including the Apple iPhone.

The patents named in Apple's suit are:


 It's not all patents for multitouch. For example, patent 6,493,002 related to the display of status information in a computer system and focuses on object-oriented systeemlocators 5,379,430. Motorola just complaining about Apple patents around software application, location based services and wireless e-mail. Talks between the two companies to pay licensing fees were fixed.


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