On account that Apple established thatmthe White  iPhone 4 coming this spring , the only question remaining is whether it also will come in its CDMA version for Verizon operator networks. 

An icon in the iTunes update 10.2 confirm this last point and, moreover, has dismissed the possibility that the new white iPhone 4 GSM count the same antenna design than its twin the CDMA.


Philip Schiller , global president of product marketing, recently confirmed the launch of the iPhone 4 in white for the spring of 2011, yes, without confirming if this is related to late April or May one week , raising the U.S. doubts of many users on whether the recent CDMA version would also include editing albino.


An image in iTunes 10.2 solves the mystery: whether there will be 4 White CDMA iPhone
A few days later, according to the blog MacRumors , confirms this last detail, because a user has found the image that appears when you want to synchronize the target CDMA iPhone 4 in the new update of iTunes to version 10.2 , which is different has been prepared for the GSM version, which has banished the ideas of a version "global" of the new iPhone 4 in Europe and could have had the new antenna design model for Verizon.

Released close to the announcement of iPhone 5
Still, this is not a guarantee that there is a simultaneous release of both terminals and may be a delay between the two to give possibility to the Apple factory to produce two models, on the other hand, can acknowledge their delay and proximity to the submission of the next iPhone 5 , supposedly dated to the summer of 2011.

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