After presentation of the '4 iPhone, many customers who sold it have been left to deal with a&#a hundred and sixty;reception drawback&#one hundred sixty;that happens gripping the software on the threshold of metal.Except now, Apple had stated it had discovered issues getting the iPhone four.&#one hundred sixty;Lately, alternatively, used to be abruptly launched an&#one hundred sixty;reliable press unlock&#one hundred sixty;declaring that the issue exists and that the blame for this downside may also be attributed toinstrumentthat makes us see&#a hundred and sixty;two "bars" in additional than customary, which once in a while disappear vulnerable sign stipulations and provides the sensation of getting issues with the antenna.

&#a hundred and sixty;&#a hundred and sixty;Ios4-fix (2) 


Here is the statement released by Apple:

Upon investigation, we realized that the formula we used to calculate the signal strength display is totally wrong. Our formula, in many cases incorrectly shows 2 bars more than they should for a give
n signal strength.
 For example, sometimes the display shows four bars when we should see a minimum of 2 bars. Users noting a drop of more bars on their iPhone, most likely in an area with very weak signal, but they did not know why they are wrong displayed 4 or 5 bars. The sharp drop is high because they were never real.

To resolve this problem, we are taking with AT & T a formula recently recommended to calculate the number of bars to display for a given signal. The power of the real signal remains the same, but the bars of the iPhone will appear in a much more accurate, providing users with a better indication of the reception they receive in a given area.

It will release a free software update in a few weeks which incorporates the correct formula. Since this bug has been present since the original iPhone, this software update will also be available for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G.

Now we have to wait a week and see if the upgrade dell'iOS4 problems will be solved, or whether users will continue to be dissatisfied. 

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