Tony Fadell, former CEO at Apple, says there’s severe consideration to iPhone physical keyboard to bring. Fadell is considered as the " iPod Father" and for years was responsible for the iPod division at Apple. He was also the iPhone 3G involved in the development of the iPhone. In fact
there were three options from which Apple could offer including an iPod with built-in phone. 
A device with hardware keyboard was feasible, but not the most elegant solution. Only later Apple decided to make a device that completely touch screen base.


Fadell believed from the beginning in a virtual keyboard and would rather wait for operation via a screen keyboard worked well. Fadell was involved in up to 18 iPod variants that over the years have entered the market. Nowadays Fadell's busy with his own company's Nest, where a design with smartphone thermostat control is developed. He thus to experience firsthand the effects of the patent system in the U.S., where Apple also regularly has to deal. Competitor Honeywell Nest sued because they feel that they have
invented the round thermostat.

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