Apple Considers Using Augmented Reality System For Car Driving

The well known Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities and most reputable in Apple community, gave investors a new report explaining why Apple has changed its objective of the original project of an autonomous car, which was known in the media as “Project Titan”, and other related software and Augmented Reality, AR for its acronym.

According to the analyst, “it makes sense” that Apple has changed its mind and decided to create an autonomous car driving system based on software that will support AR and provide “innovative user experience.” In addition, Kuo believes Augmented Reality grow significantly in 2018 and will replace the VR (Virtual Reality) to become the main market when Apple enters.

Looking back in the history of the company that Steve Jobs and Wozniak created, Kuo believes that Apple will do what it does best: make something with potential, improve and launch to fame. This is something already done with computers, music player, mobile phones, and tablets since 2014, smart watches.

The analyst also gives some figures, ensuring that the combined market of  VR, RA and move about 40,000-50,000 million in 2018, reaching 150,000 million in 2020, with most of the increase coming from the Augmented Reality.

Another thing that makes us think that Kuo might succeed in their predictions regarding Apple, the software for cars and Augmented Reality are some statements regarding the company RA. Tim Cook already spoken well of it on several occasions, of which the media could be the success of Pokémon GO.

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