Apple could launch an iPhone with OLED screen in 2017



The Chinese magazine Nikkei reports that Apple is planning to launch the first iPhone with OLED display in 2017, ahead of 1-2 years than expected a few months ago.

According to this report, Apple would have already found the agreements with Samsung and LG (investment of about $12 billion) for the production of OLED screens to be integrated on the iPhone 7S output in 2017. This would be a great news for Apple, since which until now it has used the “simple” LCD screens for your iPhone.

Apple would like to bring forward by two years the use of OLED screens to rejuvenate the iPhone series and provide a much requested feature hardware, avoiding the risk of losing the pace with the competition. OLED screens are not only thinner but also offer much deeper blacks.

Recall that Apple is already using OLED displays on Apple Watch.

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