Apple Could Release a New Firmware (IOS 4.0.1) to Resolve Signal Reception Problems


It sounds as if, the iPhone reception issues four that in these hours are populating the entrance pages of many specialised web sites, may be solved partially because of a firmware replace the tool. The discharge of the IOS running device is scheduled for early subsequent week. If you’re questioning how the working machine could also be chargeable for such issues right here's a useful resolution.

In step with statements through AppleInsider appears that the brand new iOS4 existing a much less correct indicator sign of the earlier presentations that every so often the show sign lower than they actually actually have and who would be capable of reach at the least the identical requirements as these provided from iPhone 3G.

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Following numerous tests on the signal attenuation on iPhone 3G could be established that those on which you installed the new operating system iOS4 the problem is more evident. This confirms once again that the problem really lies in the firmware. 4 Unfortunately, the iPhone can not install an earlier operating system to run on the same hardware direct comparative but we are sure that the result would be discounted at this point.

The Apple technical support forum have confirmed that IOS 4.0.1 might be released by Monday already and the fix will involve the calibration of the baseband. iOS4 has made some progress thanks to which frequencies are automatically selected to be used and the problem may lie in these changes. This would explain why iOS4 has caused similar problems on the iPhone 3G.

Remember even now that users or owners of the iPhone 3G iPhone 3G using foreig
n Ultrasn0w to unlock their baseband will stay away by the update to IOS 4.0.1 to avoid problems. Once we receive information about new baseband firmware we let you know in the meantime no hurry to upgrade.[via AppleInsider]

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