After announcing the decrease in revenues due to the poor sales of iPhone, today, the company seems to have asked its suppliers to produce less iPhone from January to March. China’s National Business Daily report goes in the same direction, according to which the Phone Chinese retailers received news regarding price cuts for iPhone 8, 8 Plus, XR, XS and XS Max.

The biggest price cut comes on the iPhone XR, which will suffer a reduction of 450 yuan, just under $66, bringing the final price of the device to 5250 yuan, about $770. For all other devices, ie iPhone 8, 8 Plus, XS and XS Max, a reduction of 400 yuan will be applied, around $59.

A price cut so decided by Apple a few months after the launch is a rather unusual move by the company. Before the iPhone XR debacle, only once Apple had to cut prices a few months after the launch, and this was only in 2007, or the launch of the first iPhone, with a price cut of $200.

As for iPhone XR, however, the Chinese is not the first price cut we witness, as already a few weeks ago the Japanese company NTT Docomo offered a discount of $100 to subscribers who have accepted a two-year contract.

Despite these sales problems, however, CEO Tim Cook during an interview with CNBC, said he was quiet about the future of Apple, and increased the dose anticipating that in 2019 the company will launch “new services”.

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