Apple Denies Giving The FBI Access To UDIDs Data


The day gone by it used to be introduced that the FBI information, however greater than 12 million iPhone and iPad customers, of which 1,000,000 had been leaked the day gone by. The information from the FBI incorporate telephone numbers, software title, UDID numbers, zip codes, addresses and tokens for push messages. When the leak had been handiest instrument names, UDID numbers and push messages tokens launched.

After the FBI this morning didn’t deny being concerned within the leak, Apple has also responded to the question. An AllThingsD spokesman stated Apple claims that the FBI or other organizations have not been provided with UDID numbers. Apple is also working on a new syste
m in iOS 6 that the use of UDID numbers replaces. If Apple and the FBI are right, then there is still the question of how these data or collected and by whom?

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