Apple Developing MicroLED Screens For Apple Watch



Apple is developing its own microLED screen using electroluminescent diodes for Apple Watch. They are supposed to become successors to the current OLED and LCD screens.

Apple acquired in 2014 LuxVue, a company committed to developing a low-consumption MicroLED technology. According to a recent Bloomberg report, the Cupertino company is continuing to follow this path with a significant investment in view of the integration of these screens into a commercial product, which could be a future iPhone or Apple Watch and has already produced fewer screens for testing.

The company refused to comment. The source believes that the MicroLED screen ‘made in Apple’ will make its absolute debut precisely with the wearable of Apple. At present, however, the Company is committed to implementing the first prototypes to be used in the testing phase; the arrival of an Apple Watch with MicroLED display may therefore not be just around the corner.

The effects deriving from the development of the MicroLED technology screens to be used in mobile devices are considerable.

Today, every companies engaged in the mobile device market can buy an OLED or LCD screen, but Apple could have exclusive rights over MicroLEDs. MicroLED screens, like OLED panels, do not need backlighting, so they are able to offer high contrast, using less energy; however, they present, at present, more difficulties in the production phase. Samsung plans to make The Wall available, the modular TV with MicroLED technology next August.

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