Apple is already working on the next version of the iOS firmware, which will be number 13. The work on updating continues quickly, at least according to the MacRumors website from IP addresses found on Apple devices with iOS 13.

MacRumors also discovered for the first time some devices with iOS 13 in October, while in the months of November and December the visits of the iPhone with iOS 13 have increased. The visits have slowed towards the end of December, but they should resume shortly with the end of the holidays.

Apple often starts working on new versions of iOS many months before and in part and there is no secrets on what to expect. In fact, several features of iOS 12 have been postponed, this to allow Apple to work on bug fixes and other improvements, so we expect to see these features with the next system update.

Rumors suggest that iOS 13 will include new features aimed at iPad owners, such as a revamped of the File app, in-app tabs for opening multiple windows of the same app, support for using the same side-by-side app side in Split View mode and more.
Other features should include a new grid for iPhone and iPad home screen apps and expanded photo management capabilities.

More details on what we can expect to see on iOS 13 will surely undoubtedly take place in the next few months, so keep on following us to stay up to date.

via | MacRumors

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